God's Overflow
"For out of the overflow of his heart his mouth speaks" – Luke 6:45

The Truth

It’s not easy to face the truth in any situation in our lives. Whether it be the fact that we llow our emotions run our lives, the fact that we have idols that are taking the place that God desires to have in our life, or something else that is holding you back from everything God has for you, it can sometimes be difficult to swallow what God is showing you.

I had a situation just like that. I used to work in professional sports, and I swore up and down that it was the career path that God had for me for the rest of my life. I poured my heart and soul into it. I put countless hours into my job because, after all, I wanted to move up in the industry.

One night, as I was walking to my car stewing in anger from a situation that I faced one game night, God stopped me in my tracks and asked me, “Where are you rooted?” I didn’t quite understand what He was asking me, but when it dawned on me, it hit me like a ton of bricks.

Here was the barebones truth to that question: I was in the sports industry because I wanted to impress people. I was there so that I could prove my naysayers wrong when they told me that I would never succeed in sports.

I didn’t want to hear that truth, but it was one that I needed to hear.

In those moments that God reveals something that you don’t want to hear, remember five things:
– God loves you
– He is Lord over all
– He is sovereign
– He is for you, not against you
– He will always remain the same

Let’s make a decision to remind ourselves of the five truths above when God shows us something about ourselves that is painful. He allowed that situation in your life for a reason, and when He reveals something to us, there is a purpose behind the pain. Temporary pain always leads to eternal fruit, so allow God to strip you down before He builds you back up.


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