God's Overflow
"For out of the overflow of his heart his mouth speaks" – Luke 6:45

The Ebbing Tide of Faith

As I was walking along the beach tonight, there were hundreds of tiny birds that seemed to be up against a very tough task. They were walking in a pack of 80 to 100 birds, and they were running towards the sea. As soon as the waves came ashore, the birds would turn and run away.

The really interesting thing was that, after they made their way to a safe area of the shore, and as the water would recede back to the ocean, the entire pack of birds would run towards the sea again, only to turn around and run back to the shore! They did this over and over and over again!

How many times do we do that with God? We obviously have an objective that He’s calling us to go forward in. The purpose may be very clear to us, but we start to wonder… is the task too big for me to handle? There seems to be a HUGE sea of troubles and trials that may come along with it.

The waves may seem massive, and the current of the water may seem too strong for you to push through, but can I encourage you? No task is too large for you when God is calling you to go through it! He’s telling you that He already knows the troubles you will face. He already knows the waves that will get in your way, and He already knows that the current will push you back and forth.

One thing stays the same… if He’s calling you to do something, He already has the victory planned out for you. He already has a plan to help you push through the waves and the currents that may take you down. His finished work on the cross is proof enough that we will make it through whatever it is that He’s calling us to do!

If God is calling you to face a situation that you’re afraid of, remind yourself that we serve a large God. He wouldn’t be asking you to deal with the issue if He wasn’t planning on helping you through it. He’s already given you the victory! You just have to learn to push past the fear and walk in His power and strength knowing that you WILL have victory over whatever He’s calling you to do!


One Response to “The Ebbing Tide of Faith”

  1. This is truly awesome, God is amazing, and never seems to amaze me anyless His timing is so perfect as is this post for me today, God chose today for this to speak directly to me, thank you, and thank you Lord for loving me this much…

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