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“This is How We Changed the World” – Elevation Church

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You SERIOUSLY need to sit down and watch this video. It absolutely touched my heart.

It’s a video documentary about Steven Furtick’s church, Elevation Church, and how much it has grown in five years. I was bawling several times throughout the video. It cements the fact that, when God gives you a vision, He plans on fulfilling it. It’s an hour long, but let me tell you… it’s worth every second.

It will only be available through the end of this week, so don’t delay in watching it!


10 Responses to ““This is How We Changed the World” – Elevation Church”

  1. Loved it! Lots we can learn from them.

  2. This church concerns me. I’ve watched him over the few years he’s been here in Charlotte and have noticed a lot of things that really concern me. Note I’m not some old time religion guy, I am in the same age range as Furtick (early 30s.) I think it’s obvious that the spirit Steven Furtick operates under is hype. I don’t doubt that he loves the Lord, but he relies heavily on his appearance and the appearance of what is presented. If he doesn’t look good, or the stage doesn’t look good, he’s not going to get the crowds. It’s sad. You can watch and see that every week Furtick shows up in an entirely different wardrobe. He never wears the same thing twice. He always dresses very fashionable, and you can observe that he spends a lot of time working out, and getting his hair done, and wouldn’t be surprised if he also plucks his eyebrows and gets manicures. We all struggle with things in our life. And for Steven Furtick, it’s appearances and fashion. It’s the god he serves.

    I want to share a story which basically sums up my thoughts … This is true. The very first time I visited Elevation church was in 2008. I sat near the front, and when Furtick got on stage after the praise and worship, people clapped and this girl who sat next to me turned over and said to me, “That’s my pastor! Isn’t he hot? Ohhh he’s sooo hot.” I just shrugged it off and thought, “what a bizarre thing to say in church.”… near the end of service as I was leaving, one of the greeters who was a younger gal said “Thanks for coming..” And then she started asking me about what I thought about Furtick and she goes on and on about how great he was, adding this comment, “… He’s not only a great speaker, but he’s so good looking and cute. I just can’t take my eyes off him.”…

    So I didn’t think anything about it then. Just figured these people were proud of their pastor and what was happening, but in the past few years I have visited several other times and then run into people who attend the church and have noticed that no one ever talks to me about Jesus, or the Gospel. They basically talk about Furtick. About how great he is. About how he has changed Charlotte and changed their lives… This church, in my opinion has been so focused on their pastor they have lost touch with what truly made them great… Jesus. Want more proof? They just released a documentary this week, which is a really strange thing to do considering they are only 5 yrs of ministry (which is still infancy), and the video is titled “This Is How We Changed The World.”…. Watched it. Doesn’t surprise me how the Gospel isn’t even really in it. It’s all about Steven Furtick’s life. Watch it for yourself and see: http://www.elevationexperience.com/

  3. Will this video find another residence on the world wide web? I’d love to show it to my video team.

  4. I personally LOVED the documentary. I watched it three times. The third time was to take notes not on Pastor Steven but on how God can work through any surrendered individual.

    I took the documentary and put myself in Pastor Steven’s shoes. Because just like him, we all have a God-given vision that we are to step out in faith and fulfill.

    Ralph, I admit, Pastor Steven is someone who I too am drawn to, but not in a creepy way, but because of his anointing. Other’s spiritually unaware are also drawn to Him but it’s the God in him they unknowingly find attractive.

    You see, the documentary is not about Pastor Steven at all. It’s about what God is doing THROUGH him and his audacious faith. It’s about what God can do through US as well if we surrender ourselves to the God-given vision He has given us.

    God can illustrate His power through many ways. This documentary being one of them.

    Elevation Church is a true testimony that should be shared. This documentary was a great idea. Yes it’s only been 5 years and that’s God saying, “You ain’t seen nothing yet”.

    It’s a testimony! ONLY GOD CAN MULTIPLY LIKE THAT! Five years and 7,000+ regular attenders!? His clothes aren’t doing that buddy… lol

  5. That is a bitter comment. Picking on Steve Furtick because he dresses well and fixes his hair? Silly! Of course he does! Do you not? Do you go to work dressed a mess and looking less than presentable? These type of criticisms are so irritating to me. And obviously founded on personal insecurities of your own rather than in coordination with the Bible. Pastor Furtick is allowed to take care of himself and dress in new clothes if he so chooses. If a girl thanks he’s cute…well, welcome to the planet earth. Its called…an observation and an opinion. Surely Pastor is not attempting to save souls by his fierce hair style. Traditionalists will always complain about his techniques and approaches. And THATS GREAT! Because Christian teaching is in need of a spark (look at our society) and thats what he is providing. Thats what God is providing through him. This is actually the first church that I DON’T have any issues or criticisms toward. Its great and I love it! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  6. Arsena/David – thank you for your comments!

    I completely agree with you… there are pastors out there who have their “thing”. For instance, Craig Groeschel is a big goofball, Mark Driscoll is a no-nonsense pastor with judgemental tendancies, Judah Smith has a style like no other pastor as well as a fire to his deliveries, and Steven Furtick is a good lookin’ kid who takes care of himself… but one thing all of these pastors have in common are THRIVING churches based on the truth of God.

    Whatever attracts the people to the church is what needs to happen. We have to remember that it’s not the marketing schemes or pastors that attracts people to the church… it’s GOD that promotes and increases. We can do all we want by our own hands, but without God’s hands on it, it will not succeed.

  7. apparently the video is streaming for free again! go to elevation’s website!!!

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