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Women and How They’re Treated in Our Society – Men Need to Step Up!

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This is not a normal “God’s Overflow” post. I’ve reached a boiling point on this subject, and I needed to vent. Here is it…

There is so much deception in this world, and I’ve noticed a lot of it in the past few weeks. The ones that I’ve noticed the most is how common it is for our society to degrade and put down women.

It started out with a post by Christine Caine…

“New Kanye West “Monster” video is DISTURBING against women!! See video. Sign petition. Make a difference! VIDEO

The video is not for the light hearted. It’s an extremely sick video , and I don’t completely understand what was going through West’s head when he thought about, or even OK’D the production of this video… then again, no one actually understands what’s going through West’s head at any moment, case in point, the now famouse VMA award interruption (the video is shown in the “recap” of the video)

I saw, on twitter, a tag #rulesformen, and to say I was shocked at what I read was an understatement. I couldn’t believe the things that are acceptable in our society! A few examples…
-“If she adds u as a Friend on FB and she only has one Picture….Dont be a fool its Ur girl trying to catch u out”
-“leave them crazi hoes alone”
-“KEEP Being an a**h**e to girls since they like that for some apparent reason”
-“if you with your girl,you only get 5 seconds to look at the next chick..any longer you might get slapped..lol”
-“no money, no honey”

Is this really what our society has come to? Is this really what DATING has become?  Men are trying to HELP each other deceive their girlfriends? Women are still called “hoes”? It’s EXPECTED that men are going to stare at other women? It’s flat out sickening…

For the men – It’s really amazing what happens when you’re honest with the woman you’re dating, pursuing, or married to. You wont’ believe what happens when you lift her up with encouraging words, when you actually hug and kiss your significant other with passion, or just send her small messages to let her know that you’re thinking of her. When you treat her the way her God given right was given to treat her, you will have a best friend and ally forever. Step up to your GOD GIVEN role as a leader! How would you feel at work if you received absolutely no reinforcement other than negative words and actions? Though you may be used to it by now, imagine how your WIFE feels when you talk to her in any negative way! Stop assuming that your wife can be treated the way you are treated… they require loving and nuturing, not deception and lies.

For the women– if your man does NOT treat you with respect; if he does not value you as a sister in Christ as well as his girlfriend/wife; if he does not treat you like you are the princess that you are; if he does not encourage you in every part of your life, IT’S TIME TO DROP HIM. Don’t allow him to put you down in ANY way. It hurts me to hear that so many women are hurt by the men who supposedly “loved” them, and yet didn’t treat them with respect and dignity.

Women, I BEG of you… learn who you are in Christ. Read the bible to see what God really thinks about you. He created you for a reason, and you deserve NOTHING LESS than to be treated in the way that Christ loved His church. If you allow your significant other to treat you REPEATEDLY in a negative way, you are settling for less than God’s best! God has a man for you who is JEALOUS that you’re with a man that doesn’t treat you well. All he wants to do is love you for you!

It’s time to get away from what society says about women and get back to the way the CREATOR of women tells us to treat the women in our lives… with love, respect, truth, encouragement, and loyalty!

***Photo courtesy of Keturah Weathers


2 Responses to “Women and How They’re Treated in Our Society – Men Need to Step Up!”

  1. Thanks so much for this Nick. This brought me to tears. Its time for men and women to rise up and take their rightful place and act accordingly in the way that the Lord created us. Men are to love their women like Christ loves the Church. And Women need to love their husbands. This has given me so much to think about.

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