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"For out of the overflow of his heart his mouth speaks" – Luke 6:45

Uniquely You

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You are uniquely you. Don’t let anyone else tell you who you are or who you should be. Don’t conform to the world’s view of what they think you should be doing or how you should be acting. You have been created the way you are for a reason. Yes, you may have flaws like all of us do, but you are UNIQUELY you… the way God created you. He already knows what you’re facing, and He already knows how you’re going to react. He created you this way so that you would take a specific path to becoming more like Him.

After taking a serious step towards becoming the person God has planned for me to be, I asked Him to take out all of the “junk” in my life that is holding me down from being all He created me to be… unfortunately, He answered. 🙂

Here is just a small sampling of things that God has revealed to me:
– I’m extremely impatient
– I have a tendency to stew on negative thoughts and situations
– I get defensive and offended pretty easily
– I have a lot of pride issues
– I tend to identify myself and my success with whatever job I’m working at the time
– I reach for certain goals because of how they will make me feel or the credibility that comes with it.
– I’m very self-deprecating
– I often compare myself to everyone else
– I’m still not past some of the relationships that were in my life.

Wow! What a list! I knew some of the items, but some completely blindsided me. I really was shocked when I saw the things that He brought to the surface. Unfortunately, they were all revealed within the same week. To say I was overwhelmed would be an understatement.

We often have a tendency to compare ourselves to those that are around us as a way to make us feel a bit better as to where we are. Here are some examples of some of the ways that I do this in relation to the list above:
– “Wow! That person became very impatient mighty quickly! At least I have a little more patience than them!”
– “My friend just started bleeding mentally regarding a situation she’s facing! At least I’m able to hold back a bit”
– “I only told my friend about a very small issue I had with him, and he completely blew up! At least I don’t get THAT defensive when someone addresses an issue with me!”
– “I’m a lot better than her at that! She doesn’t compare to me!”
– “I’m only a floor supervisor… I USED to work in sports. This job is SO below me.”
– “If only I could go to Hillsong College and start to be a speaker after graduating… THEN I’d feel like I’m getting to where I want to be!”
– “I suck at what I do. I have no confidence as a manager left any longer.”
– “That person has so much more money than I am and half the talent. I should be where he is!”
– “I really wish things could have worked out between us. I really thought she was the one!”

We all have these tendencies. Some of them may be eye opening, or some may be situations that you’ve been dealing with for years. You may not think you are like this, but I challenge you – for one week, I want you to look at every thought that comes across your mind. Take a look at every thought you have about a person in your life, a person you pass on the street or a situation that you’re currently facing.

As you start to see the aspects of your personality that you never knew, just remember one thing… God knows exactly who you are… He created you this way.

As we continue to walk through life with Christ, we cannot condemn ourselves for who we currently are because, as you know, condemnation is NOT of Christ (Romans 8:1). We cannot identify ourselves with the problems that we face or the aspects of our personality that we do not like. Our entire identity is NOT based on how we currently act… our identity is that of a child of God. God made us this way in order to give us a pathway to becoming more like Him. He knows how we’ll think when we’re faced with an issue. He allows these trials so that He can make us more like Him!

Charles Stanley, in his book “How to Reach Your Full Potential for Godgave a GREAT summary of how God sees us as he molds us more into His image…

“your heavenly father sees you through the eyes of love and forgiveness. he sees where you are, but more importantly, He sees the person He’s made you to be. God sees all the awesome potential and possibilities He created you to fill.”

Take the bold step in asking God to bring to the surface the things in your life that are not bearing fruit. Ask Him to show you the areas in your life that are not glorifying to His name. The temporary pain is worth the eternal fruit that will come of it. Accept who you are, but allow God to make you more like Him!

PRAYER: Lord, I thank you for all of the trials and tribulations that you allow me to face. I am very thankful that, through it all, you are in control. Even though the pruning process is a tough process to face, I realize that it is just another way that you use to make me more like you. That’s all I want in this life, Lord… I just want to be more like you. Lord, please show me the areas in my life that are not pleasing to you. Get the “junk” out of my life that is holding me back from being the person you created me to be. Help me to get out from under the weight of the things that are holding me back from the best that you have for me! I thank you for your never ending grace when I fail, and I thank you for your strength to face the situations that you will be showing me in my life. It’s in your mighty name I pray… amen!

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