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“Soccer Saves” – Part III – “Practice” Pt 2

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Patience II – PRACTICE (Pt 1)

How exactly does one “practice” the aspects of our life that are weak?

1) Prayer – ask God to help you with the situations in your life where you are weak. I know that a lot of people tell you that, if you ask Him, He will give you what you ask for. I’m always told to be careful of what I ask for, but I look at it this way. If God is going to refine aspects of our lives that are weak, He will put us into a trial. If we are to be more like Jesus, we need to have the heart to ask God to do that for us as well as well as give us strength to endure the trial. God is not just going to snap His fingers and give us the betterment of the aspect of our life we are trying to improve on. He will put us into a trial to help mold us more into His image. Be bold and ask God to help you improve.

2) Study – if you are in a place of strengthening a part of your life that you are struggling with, you must surround yourself with all of the information you can about it. Here are some practical tips that you can use to improve on those places. In this example, I will be talking about patience.
– Look through the bible and read everything you can about patience. Read about the characters who had to endure patience as part of their trials.
-Search online for all of the information you can about Godly patience. There is a ton of information on the internet that you can read.
-You can also search online through Amazon or Barnes and Noble for books on that topic. Once you purchase a book, and you still haven’t mastered the weakness, look for another book to purchase.

3) Find a mentor – Take a look in your life for people who you have seen that went through a major period of patience and ask them to mentor you in that area of your life. Find out how they were able to make it through the trial that they did. What emotions did they experience? What kind of stumbling blocks did they come upon? How did they break through them? What kinds of things did they do to endure that period of their life? Pick their brains for every last detail you can.

4) Prayer and fasting – There are areas in your life that are a constant battle. You may have an addiction to emotional eating that you can’t seem to kick. You may have anger in your life that you can’t seem to control. You could possibly have an addiction to pornography that seems to rule over your life, causing you the feeling of shame and embarrassment on a daily basis. If you have a situation in your life that seems to have a strangle hold on your countenance in life, prayer and fasting is a GREAT way to draw near to God with your request that He takes the pain away. (I am about to start an “Awakening” 21-day fast. More about that to come.) God may put you into a situation where you can “practice” separating yourself from the sin, but you will have a stronger sense of God’s presence with you in that trial after fasting.

These principles apply to many different things aspects of life, but it also could relate to things in your life that you want to do or feel that God put on your heart to do. If you want to learn to write, surround yourself with writers. Surround yourself with books on writing. Read other writer’s works. If you want to learn to preach, listen to other preachers. Find a preaching mentor who can help you on your way to preaching. Read books to preach. If you want to learn to play an instrument, find others who play the instrument. Read books on how to play the instrument. If you can’t afford the instrument, find someone who is willing to let you borrow one. You get the picture.

PRAYER: Lord, I thank you that you have chosen me to follow after you. I thank you that, out of all of the people in this world, you have chosen me to be a vessel of your love and your word. I thank you that you have chosen me to mold and shape to be more like you. Lord, though the trials that you put me through can be very painful, I thank you that you are putting me through them in order to make me more like you. Lord, help me to study your word to better the weak parts in my life. Guide me to the scriptures that you will use to speak life into my situation. Guide me to the books that you want me to read. Help me find a mentor to help me through this season of my life. Help me to fast if that’s what my situation calls for. God, it is you who breaks the chains and lights the way in my life, so I pray and thank you for the breakthrough you are going to work in my life. Help me to be a better you… and it’s in your name I pray, Amen!

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