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"For out of the overflow of his heart his mouth speaks" – Luke 6:45

“House of Prayer” – Gary Clarke (Hillsong Church)

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“…my Temple will be called a house of prayer for all nations.” (Isaiah 56v7, NLT)
God’s desire is that each and every one would come into a personal relationship with Him and would be a part of His house, The Church. As together we build the House of God it’s important for us to understand prayer: what it is, what it’s not, and what it means for our lives. The Lord declares, “…my Temple will be called a house of prayer for all nations.”

A Relational Connection with God
All too often, prayer is regarded as a ritual and a formula; a means of getting God to do something for us. The reality is that prayer is none of those things – it is a connection with God on a relational level. Religion says, “If I do (this), I’ll get (that).” Christianity is not Religion. Christianity is not based on what we have to do for God, it’s based on what He did for us through the work of Jesus Christ on the cross. When we become religious in our walk with Him, we’re basically saying that what He did for us wasn’t enough. We’re saying that we have to do something to make ourselves right with God, when actually His grace declares that He has done everything for us – all we have to do is put our faith in that and walk in it. Prayer that is a living, relational connection with God is a continual declaration that we believe we are free to come before Him because of what Jesus did.

Prayer is an Act of Faith
Faith is deliberate confidence in the character of God whose ways we may not understand yet. If we’re not careful we can put our trust in the actions of God, and make conclusions based on this. But prayer is a chosen confidence in who God is – His nature and character. God’s nature is that He is your health, He is your provider. Healing and provision are two examples of the actions that result out of who He is. In your prayer – your relational connection with Him – you are putting your faith in who He is.

Prayer is an Act of Humility
Humility is living your life aware both of you and of God, and recognising your need for less of you and more of Him. I need God. My personal effort is not enough; I need His effort working in my life. My steps to salvation are not enough; I need His salvation. We have a God in heaven who is on our side, and all we need to do is to come in faith to Him, and acknowledge our need for Him to work in our life. We can come to God with all our weaknesses. Paul teaches us that in our weakness He is our strength. Pride doesn’t want to acknowledge weakness but humility says, “I need God.” Prayer is coming humbly before God declaring, “I need you!”

Prayer brings me into Alignment with Salvation
Salvation is to be rescued from sin and its consequences. As a result of the choices made by Adam and Eve at the foundation of humanity, we have a sinful nature. We are disconnected from God. However, Romans 4 and 5 say that because of what He did, we now have complete favour with God. We just need to align ourselves with that. When we pray, we align ourselves with the grace of God. When we pray, we come confidently before God. We celebrate what He’s done for us, knowing that as a result we can relationally connect with a God whose heart is towards us and whose favour is upon us.

In prayer, you can give God your dreams, your aspirations, all that you want to do, every trial and challenge that comes your way. Have confidence that you can stand before Him in complete favour. God’s favour is not neutral, it’s active and living – and you have access to it.


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