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“A Leader’s Prayer Life” Part III “Promises of God” – Rick Warren

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I came across this article on pastors.com all about a leader’s prayer life. This article is not just for ministry leaders. It’s for anyone who prays! He takes a look at how Nehemiah prayed throughout his trials, and it’s very enlightening. I feel that this article could completely transform your prayer life! It’s a pretty long article, so I will break it down into four parts. Today’s third part talks about claiming the promises of God.

“3. Claim the promises of God.
Nehemiah is praying to the Lord and saying, “I want you to remember what you told your servant Moses.” Can you imagine saying, “remember” to God? He’s reminding God what he had said in the past. God, you warned us through Moses that if we were unfaithful we would loose the land of Israel. But you also promised that if we repent, you’d give it back to us. All through the Bible you find God’s people reminding God about what he said he wants to do. David did it. Abraham did it. Moses did it. All the prophets did it. “God, I want to remind you of one of Your promises …” Then they’d share it.

Does God have to be reminded?


Does he forget what he’s promised?


Then why do we do this?

Because it helps us remember what God has promised. Nothing pleases God more that when you remind God of one of his promises.

Do kids ever forget a promise?


So you have to be very careful about making them. The Bible says we’re imperfect fathers, and if we imperfect fathers know that we need to fulfill our promises to our kids, how much more does a perfect Father, a heavenly Father, intend to keep the promises he’s made in his Word. ”


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