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“A Leader’s Prayer Life” Part II “Confessing Sin” – Rick Warren

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I came across this article on pastors.com all about a leader’s prayer life. This article is not just for ministry leaders. It’s for anyone who prays! He takes a look at how Nehemiah prayed throughout his trials, and it’s very enlightening. I feel that this article could completely transform your prayer life! It’s a pretty long article, so I will break it down into four parts. Today’s second part talks about confessing the sin in your life.

“2. Confess the sin in my life.
After Nehemiah based his prayer on who God is, he confessed his sins. He says, “We’ve sinned.” Look at how many times he uses the word “I” and “we.” He says “I confess … myself … my father’s house … we have acted wickedly … we have not obeyed.” It wasn’t Nehemiah’s fault they went into captivity. He wasn’t even born when this happened 70 years earlier. He was most likely born in captivity. Yet he is including himself in the national sins. He says, “I’ve been a part of the problem.”

There is personal confession and there is national confession. This is something we don’t know anything about. We don’t have a corporate sense in America today. We are very individualistic. We’re taught to confess my sins. When was the last time you confessed the sins of the nation? Or the sins of your family? Or your church? Or your friends? Our society has taught us we’re only responsible for ourselves. And that’s just not true! You are your brother’s keeper. We are all in this together.

Leaders accept the blame but losers pass the buck. If you want to be a leader, you accept the blame, and share the credit. Losers are always accusers and excusers. They’re always making excuses why things didn’t or couldn’t happen. It’s always somebody else’s fault. Leaders accept the blame.”


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