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"For out of the overflow of his heart his mouth speaks" – Luke 6:45

“Everything” – Lifehouse skit

I was at dinner tonight with some really great people… people who have been a huge blessing to me in my life, people who continue to pray for me, uplift me, and who are never ending in their love and support.

During dinner, we were discussing a video that they had come across recently. The song is “Everything” by Lifehouse. I’ve always loved that song. It has all the makings of a song that will bring me closer to Christ when I worship in music.

They were discussing a skit that was performed along with it at a conference a couple of years back. I already knew I was going to like it because of the song, but I was not prepared for what was to come.

Here is the youtube video.

What a POWERFUL example of what the Lord does for us. I couldn’t put it into words any better than the video does.

I decided to watch it again… I guess I am a glutton for punishment. I almost cried the first time I watched it, but I had a feeling I had to watch it again.

When the video got to the part where the Lord jumped in and shielded the girl from all of the temptations and evil that were holding her back from her relationship with God, I started to cry. It was powerful, and I was very moved.

In my head, I started praying and praising God for all that He does for us. I told him that I was amazed about how much He looks out for us and how much He shields us from so many evil things.

As soon as I said that, God spoke to my heart saying, “It’s because I love you”.

What an amazing Lord we have…


One Response to ““Everything” – Lifehouse skit”

  1. Hi, Nick!
    I wish I had known you had never seen this skit. Have you ever heard of GodTube.com or tangle.com? It is really the same thing, but at different times has been known by different names. It is where I first saw the video of the skit, and actually the first time I think I had heard that song, too. Like you, I was moved to tears, and definitely reminded that it is because God loves us that He would do this for us.

    A couple weeks ago, I had been invited to go to Manning, SC for an evening service where we heard a new band formed from attendees at “The Filling Station”, a Friday and Saturday night youth center run by a great Christian couple here in Georgetown, SC. The band’s name is “Sacred Revelation”, and they will be releasing an album of original Christian contemporary songs in a few months. You will likely love their sound if you like Third Day.

    After the band, the youth group from Calvary Nazarene in Goose Creek, SC performed some skits, including the one you are talking about here. What a blessing to see it done live!

    I also want to tell you about another very moving skit I have seen on GodTube. It is called “99 Balloons”, and is about a couple whose baby only lived for 99 days. Talk about being moved to tears! Please watch it and let me know of your reaction to it. I found it one of the most beautiful tributes to trusting God that I have ever seen.

    May God continue to bless all you do, Nick! May His name be glorified through us both, and all His followers!

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