God's Overflow
"For out of the overflow of his heart his mouth speaks" – Luke 6:45

God is Larger Than Cancer

To all who read my blog, I’m making a huge request… Please keep my friend, Lisa in your prayers. She has had a huge bomb dropped on her young life, and the news will change her life forever.

I’m asking that anyone who reads this email will not only pray for healing for Lisa, but will CLAIM healing in Jesus’ name for her. God is bigger than any ailment or disease that exists, and I’m asking that prayer warriors keep her in your prayers. She is an amazing woman, and I’m believing for God’s will in this situation.

I’m going to thank Him for her healing… I’m going to pray that God knocks the cancer right out of her! Our God is a mighty one, and I’m praying for Him to be with any doctor she goes to see! God is good! I’m praying that God surrounds here with other Christians as well to love her and lift her up. I pray that she will see God’s love and mercy through all of this!

Thank you all for your prayers for her in this situation.

With Lisa’s permission, I have posted a note that she posted on Facebook this morning.

“so, a lot has happened to me in the past month or so. i have cancer. not just cancer, stage IV melanoma, a nasty beast of a cancer. i originally went to the doctor some blood in my pee, and here i am. it turns out, my melanoma metastasized, and has spread to my lungs and bladder, and most likely, my brain. the spot on my brain has not been confirmed, yet, i’m sure that’s what it is, but i am meeting with a neurologist today to discuss “zapping” it with a high dose of radiation, which should get rid of it. that being said, they can probably get rid of this spot, but since it made its way up to my brain, chances are, another spot will pop up too.”

“my life mainly consists of personal research, and doctor’s appointments right now. i have to make the difficult decision on what sort of treatment i am going to get. my oncologist has recommended something called high dose interleukin 2, chemotherapy, or clinical trials. i think my best chance will be with the hd interleukin 2, as that is the most aggressive treatment of the bunch. the scariest part, is i would have to spend 5-6 days in a hospital, and my dr. said the treatments are so intense and have so many side effects, some people can’t finish them. she only recommends this type of treatment for people who are young and strong enough to handle it, and i want to do whatever it takes to survive.”

“my prognosis does not look good, as most people with this stage of melanoma do not survive. i am doing all i can not to listen to the statistics, b/c even tho my chances are slim, i still have a chance of survival. there are people who have had my level of cancer, and have beat it, and are still around today. i am going to be one of those people. i have too much to live for, and too many things to still experience to give up now.”

“tim has been totally amazing. he has been my rock through everything, and he keeps me going every day. he has been so diligent with researching nutrition to supplement whatever treatment i choose, and we have even started a raw food diet to try to naturally boost the immune system to fight the cancer from the inside out. he is so positive every day, and he says he has no doubt in his mind that i will be fine and my cancer will go away.”

Obviously, the magnitude of this news for Lisa is enough to make someone want to give up… but not Lisa. She is going to fight it to the bitter end! I’m going to fight for her also… God is good! Thank you for helping Lisa fight by praying for her!!


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