God's Overflow
"For out of the overflow of his heart his mouth speaks" – Luke 6:45

Tear Down the Walls

I watched the Cardboard Testimonies video last night from the NW Campus of Lifechurch, and they were inspiring. I was a bit distracted, though, by the wonderful music in the background.

I’ve never heard the song “Tear Down the Walls” by Hillsong United before, so I decided to go onto Grooveshark (www.grooveshark.com) to take a listen.

The music spoke to me. It is such a deep, heartfelt cry out for worship! “Your Name is GLORIOUS! Your love is CHANGING us! CALLING us! To worship in spirit and in truth as all creation returns to YOU!”

I decided to google the lyrics, and the first couple of lines of the first verse jumped out at me.

“Tear down the walls, see the world
Is there something we have missed?
Turn from ourselves, look beyond
There is so much more than this!”

Too many times, we are blinded by what we want to see. Yes… blinded by what WE want to see! Sometimes, as Christians, it is easy to see the world the way we want to… there are times where we want to turn a blind eye to what is really going on around us. We don’t want to face the realities of the world. We don’t want to really take a look at the problems around us because we’re too wrapped up in our own deficiencies.

The problem is that it’s times like those when we NEED to be out in the world! When we become Christians, God takes the blinds off of our eyes and gives us a NEW view of the world. We really see the world for what it is… perverted, evil, corrupted!

With these new eyes, God has to “tear down the walls” in our minds, He’s forcing us to “see the world” for what it really is. We must “turn from ourselves” and our own problems and “look BEYOND” our own selfish ambitions. We know that there is “so much more to this” world! God did not create the world for it to turn out the way it is!

As Christians, we have to BE the difference in the world! How do we do this? We show God’s love to everyone we come in contact with. We SERVE others while we hurt, we MINISTER to others even when we don’t feel like it, and we spread God’s LOVE throughout the world to show others that “THERE IS SO MUCH MORE TO THIS”!


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