God's Overflow
"For out of the overflow of his heart his mouth speaks" – Luke 6:45

God the Healer

We Are Not Alone – God the Healer

In my recent study of the gospel of Luke, I came across something that peaked my interest.

Jesus Christ, after being chased out of Nazareth, went to Capernaum. While there, He called out an unclean spirit inside of a man by rebuking him and saying, “Be quiet, and come out of him!” (summary from Luke 4:31-37)  Just like that! He spoke, they left.

Jesus left the synagogue and went to Peter Simon’s house. Simon’s wife’s mother was very sick with a high fever. Jesus rebuked the fever, and it was gone! Just like that! He spoke, they left. (summary from Luke 4:38-39)

Luke 4:40-41 explains how, at sunset, many of the sick and diseased were brought to Jesus to heal. He laid hands on every one of them, rebuked the disease or ailment, and they were healed!

How is it that our Savior can show us so many times throughout the Bible that He’s much larger than any disease or problem that could come to us here on earth, and we don’t feel like He can intercede on our behalf, however small or big the trial is? He’s done much larger miracles throughout the Bible, but we don’t feel like He can change what we’re going through?

The lack of faith that we sometimes show comes from the fact that we want instant answers and on-the-spot resolution to our problems. We don’t want to go through the pain that this trial may be causing, but we forget that, through this pain, we can grow as Christians and become stronger than we were before. Through experiencing this pain, we can relate to others who are going through the same trial, and we can make a difference in their lives by really understanding where they’re at. We can take the opportunity to minister and witness to them… we can meet them where they’re at and help God take them to where He wants them to be.

Praise and worship His name through your trial! Keep your focus on Him! Keep an attitude of faith that He will intercede on your behalf! Not only will He heal you, but He will give you a way to heal and minister to others as well.

Let Him prepare us to do His work!


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